Deck Build: A Big Project in a Little Time

Posted by Jared Waters on

Building a deck is easy with the right materials. We built this in just 20 minutes with minimal cutting.

Check out the build video below:


We know the video was quick so here is a step by step break down.

  1. Using two 6x6x12's and two 2x6x12's make a square and nail together. Add one more 6x6 in the center.
  2. Nail down 2x6x12 decking. Use a playing card to help make the spacing consistent.
  3. Connect posts to 2x6 support beams.
  4. Cover sides with 2x8 boards to trim edges. Cut to fit.
  5. Connect to deck blocks.

And all done! This design is simple and easy to change the size and shape of to suit your needs.


Here are 5 bonus projects you can build with dimensional lumber:

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