Our Story


Mini materials our story

Our journey began in 2015 when we noticed the world was lacking realistic versions of the most common building materials used today. We set out to create the most appealing approach, avoiding plastics and paint, rather working with the same recipes used for the larger versions. We have expanded our line to include various scales and products familiar to the construction world. 

We are now the world's leader in manufacturing and selling the most realistic miniature building supplies available. Supplies like cinder blocks, red bricks, jersey barriers, pallets and lumber all made the same way their replicated versions are made. Using real cement, wood and nails these are all handmade in the USA. 

These make for great fidget toys on your desk, gifts for the people in your life that have just about everything, fantastic teaching tools for math & architecture, and for those hobbyists that like to build realistic dioramas, dollhouses, or models.


In 2022 Mini Material came under new ownership and had a big move to Portland, OR. Jared Waters has continued to bring innovative, authentic, and fun products to the mini world.

What will you build?

Proudly made in the USA!