Mini materials our story

One day I saw someone making miniature cinder blocks online, and I had a sudden urge to buy some of my own. The novelty and uniqueness appealed to me right away.  However, I couldn't find them for sale anywhere - so I decided to figure out how to produce them and start selling them myself. I assumed if they appealed to me so much, they must appeal to more people, I couldn't be the only guy that found these little delightful products so spectacular! 


I started producing products by hand - in my own garage in Florida. That's something that we are very adamant about - everything we produce will be made locally in the USA.

My name is Mat, and I am actually a graphic designer by trade. I took this opportunity to learn 3D design and made a website for miniature construction equipment with the mini cinder blocks at the forefront.  After experimenting and developing different designs, I settled on the main product in 1:12 scale and began building the mini empire, block by block! 

After a while, I teamed up with a partner named Erik; he is a friend and previous coworker from our college days.  He handles more of the finance and sales side of the business - and together we've grown Mini Materials from something I do in my garage to having multiple people working under us in hopes of one day taking over the entire miniature universe.

Proudly made in the USA!