Decorate your Wood Pallet Coasters for Halloween!

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Continuing with our Halloween spirit, here’s a quick and fun decoration idea for your haunted Halloween Party.

 halloween diy miniature wood pallet coasters

Supplies needed for your very own Halloween pallet coasters:

  • Pallet coasters from our store.
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint pens
  • Paint brushes

 halloween diy miniature wood pallet coasters   Supplies for halloween diy pallet coasters

First you will want to start with your base color and let dry.

 Miniature halloween wood pallet coasters

Then get creative with some themes. We made a terrifying “Boo”, a scary Jack-’O’-Lantern, creepy Mr. Frankenstein, a ghostly ghost, and an uncanny scarecrow.  

 halloween diy miniature wood pallet coasters

Finally, spray or brush some polyurethane over top once they dry to prevent water damage.

Now you are ready to spook your guests!

mini pallet coasters

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