Mini Red Brick Cement Mix
Mini Red Brick Cement Mix
A large white container that says "Cinder Block Cement" on the front. The lid is off and you can see cement dust inside.

Mini Red Brick Cement Mix



This specially formulated cement mixture is exactly what we use to make our heavy-duty miniature red bricks. Comes with enough mix to make hundreds of red bricks of your own.

  • This is the red brick cement mixture that we use to make our miniature red bricks.
  • Grab a mini red brick mold and start making your own red bricks at home!
  • This mixture is NOT for adhering bricks or blocks together. 
  • Recommended for ages 14+.

  1. Mix 6:1 (cement mixture to water) ratio. 
  2. Rapid setting cement.

  • This product contains lithium carbonate, portland cement, quartz, and sand.
  • Do not ingest.
  • It is recommended that you wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area while using.
  • This mixture does have red dye so it can stain.
  • Recommended for ages 14+.