Making a Distressed Miniature Wall with Hanging Buffalo Skull

Posted by Mathew Hofma on

What you'll need:

The first step is to build the wall. I did this with a combination of miniature cinder blocks, broken blocks, and mortar.

Here's a quick clip of how I did it:

Next, break the 2x4's in half. You don't need to be careful, you want them to look splintered. Line them up to make sure you have enough to fit.

I use a gray stain to start. Dab it on the broken wood pieces. When done, dab the ends into the stain to make sure you cover the splintered parts well.

They're not quite weathered enough, so next grab a dark wood stain and dab color in spots. When done, dip the splintered ends of a few of them in the dark wood stain. Wipe with a paper towel.

We then use our mini mortar to butter the back of the boards and apply them one by one to the concrete wall. Be careful to line everything up as you go!

Take a sharpie and draw the nails on the boards. Once that's done, you're ready to glue on the buffalo skull!


Scratch the back of the skull up so it adheres well, then add hot glue. Stick it to the wall and press hard for a few seconds until the glue cools.

Bam! You're done. Set it next to your computer and shine some creepy lights up at it at night.


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