15 Things to make with Miniature Cinder Blocks

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15 things to make with mini cinder blocks

15 Uses for Miniature Cinder Blocks (Or real cinder blocks too...)

We get the question from people all the time, who is buying your cinder blocks and what are they doing with them?  Well, we've compiled a list of just some of the many uses for our mini blocks and other building materials. 


1. Set up a mini firepit

Everyone enjoys sitting by the fire roasting some marshmallows, so why not replicate that great pastime in miniature form?


2. Put up a fort

 Nothing is coming through this fortress!



3. Build a little planter

Miniature gardens are far more appealing than regular sized gardens, look how cute they can be. 


4. Make a desktop pen holder

A great place to store those pesky pens that seem to grow legs.

Pen Holder

5. Design a mini fairy garden

These adorable gardens will make any fairy feel right at home.

Fairy Garden

6. Create a Fingerboard ledge

We are digging these materials for all sorts of realistic gnarly tricks.


7. Assemble a cinder block bench

This sweet set-up will provide a nice spot for any Turtle, Joe, or Barb.


8. Personalize a key chain

Personalize these to give to your BFF, SO, or special person in your life.

Key Chain

9. Flower Vase

Give her something she will always remember - flowers with a homemade vase. 


10. Construct a cell phone holder

Build something your coworkers will be so jealous of they'll want to steal your phone holder more than your phone.

Cellphone Station

11. Erect a wall

Put up that 'hater blocker' wall when you need some space.


12. Stack a pencil holder

This looks so cool you want to use pencils again, wait we don't use pencils anymore?

Pencil Holder

13. Frame a sunglasses holder

Keep them handy when you need to throw up some shade at your desk.

sunglasses holder

14. Fabricate a business card holder

Nothing says 'you mean business' more than a hardy cinder block card holder.

business card

15. Fashion a Christmas ornament

We all love the holidays, show some love to the mini mason in your life.



Want to build one of these for yourself?

Check out our mini cinder block selection!


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