Uses for our 24 Pack of Miniature Cinder Blocks!

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There are so many uses for our 24-pack of Miniature Cinder Blocks from Mini Materials, but today the focus is going to be on combining them with another one of our easy to use products, the Cinder Block Mortar.

There is a certain joy that can be attained when you using miniature models, and the cinder blocks we provide are no exception.

Firstly, we are going to do a little overview of the blocks themselves.

These cinder blocks are 1/12th of the regular size of a cinder block - the typical standard for a miniature model piece. The great thing about this is that it means that these blocks are going to fit in great with all your other miniature pieces and equipment you use for your project.

Secondly, these are made from real cement unlike many other cinder block models, which can range from plastic to plaster.

This not only adds realism to your project but if you’re someone who works in construction or has used cinder blocks before, it also adds some level of familiarity for you. These also come on a wooden pallet, stacked neatly like you would expect if you bought them from the big box stores. This pallet however can also be doubled up and used as a coaster, making it great for construction promotional items or a good gift for anyone who works in construction or architecture modeling.

Lastly, these cinder blocks are made in the good old U-S of A, and by getting these from us you are supporting local jobs and industry.

Check out our Inspiration page for some awesome pictures of our blocks in use!

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