Building a Miniature Pizza Oven

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We'd been wanting to build a mini pizza oven for a while now. We threw different ideas back and forth until we stumbled upon an Instagram called Charmcaps.


They make polymer artisan keycaps - for keyboards. Out of pure luck - we stumbled upon them as they were making mini polymer food.

And it looked so realistic.

This gave us the kick in the butt needed to finally make a pizza oven while documenting the process.

We got right to work building our mini pizza oven. A few 1:12 scale red bricks and 1:12 scale mini cinder blocks later we were done!

Here are a few shots of the miniature build in action:


Tip: Use wire mesh to create the rounded top to build your mini red bricks on top of.

Once done, we shipped it off to Charmcaps so they could work their super realistic polymer food magic!

Check out the shots below:


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