DIY Mini Woodworking: Miniature Coffee Table using 2x4s

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Miniature diy coffee table

Using our Miniature 2x4s make it easy to create amazing rustic mini furniture! Here's guide on how to make a mini coffee table out of miniature 2x4s in the style of Ana White!

Start with miniature 2x4s. You'll need 22 for this build.

cutting miniature wood with hacksaw

Using a hacksaw, cut them down to:

4.5" - 10pcs

2" - 4pcs

2.5" - 8pcs

4.6" - 5pcs

Mini woodworking laid out

I like to label the pieces to keep track

legs of the mini coffee table

Place the two 2" pieces between the two 2.5" pieces and clamp together to make one set of legs. Repeat.

Glue legs to tabletop

Clamp together a tabletop made of ten 4.5" pieces. Lay glue on legs and set them down on top of the tabletop. Clamp together.

sanding mini wood

Sand nice corners for the pieces that slide in-between the legs as shown below:

drying miniature coffee table

You can do whatever you want with the miniature coffee table at this point. There are tons of woodworking tips online referring to painting, staining, or making rustic wood pieces.

I decided to coat it with a gray stain. I Minwax classic gray 271.

gray stain for wood

When staining miniatures, use a brush to get the hard to reach spots!

Tip on staining wood

After staining, I decided to tape off the top and spraypaint the rest white.

miniature rustic chic coffee table

Grab two batches of mini two by fours to build this yourself!

shop for mini two by fours

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