Mini Materials 2016 Gift Guide for Kids

Posted by Mathew Hofma on

gifts for kids


For your young-minds with interest in engineering, architecture, or construction there really isn’t a shop with more realistic options than Mini Materials.  Get your youngin’ some materials and let them blow your mind with their creativity.

    50 Pack of Cinder Blocks (1:12) – These are great to get the real-life feel of a cinder block without the sports hernia.
    1:6 Cinder Blocks – For the younger generation, building blocks have been a mainstay in their development for ages.  These fit that mold to a T.
    Dollhouse Materials – Realistic options for block homes in 1:12 scale, or even lumber for a stick house, red bricks for the aesthetic appeal, a few accent pieces to make it authentic like a buffalo skull or a little red wagon.  The doll-lover in your life will love coming up with all sorts of floor plans and designs.

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