Round Up: Ten Tutorials to Jump-start Mini Making

Posted by Jared Waters on

Check out ten tutorials we love!

Mini Rope Basket

The Palette Muse has a great tutorial on making mini rope baskets, which would make great laundry baskets or a table centers. The best part is that you likely have these items at home already!

Modern Industrial Table

We love modern. We love PDF tutorials downloads. We love Minis! This Modern Industrial Table project by Dilly Dally Dollhouse has all three.


Monstera Plants

I’m not overly artistic, but after watching 7 minutes of The Square to Spare I think I could handle creating these beautiful Miniature Monstera Plants.

Pine Tree

Granted this tree tutorial from Monstroys is a little light on the instruction, but there is enough there to get the highpoints. The results are fantastic!



This 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Mattress Tutorial involves sewing which isn’t for everyone. That being said, the results from Creative Me are amazing. Is it just me or is it a shame to cover this up with a bedspread?


Mini Books

Bringing on the mini knowledge is literally what Lady Miniac does in this book tutorial. These are medieval style, but the process could be adapted to more modern books, and we are loving the end result.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are timeless. From modern to classic they can fit into almost any project. This tutorial from paper Dollhouse Miniatures shows how to create stunning marble countertops. We promise not to tell anyone they aren't real.

Mini Bag

From the beach to the grocery store this 1:12 Scale Bag Tutorial by Julie Warren carries its weight. They really shine for a quicker project.

Working Blinds

This Paper Mini Blind project by LKC Designs really works. Not only do they look great, but they actually go up and down. What fun!

Succulent Cinder Block Planter

And finally, don't forget to check out our newest tutorial where we make a BEYOND SIMPLE succulent planter. Anyone can do this one.

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