Top Ten Mini Materials Builds of 2018

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There were some insane miniatures built in 2018. It was really hard to pick ten to showcase! That said - here's our list:

10. Berol Mirado on Instagram sure makes some crazy miniature pieces - especially when Freddy Mercury is involved!


9. Sometimes simple is best - we love this miniature bench made by Constructek!

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Love this mini bench made by @constructek 😍

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8. This beautiful facade by Alexine Creative makes us want to go out and work on our landscaping! 


7. Kayle Viau's husband is a mason - and it shows! Super clean work on these mini cinder blocks and red bricks. 


6. The Mini Materials team worked together on this miniature pizza oven. It's perfect for making bagel bites one at a time!


5. Our team worked on this miniature recreation of a famous art piece for quite some time. That's a lot of red bricks!

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So... who has seen the art installation, “The Impact of a Book” by Jorge Mendez Blake? We saw it and thought it would be fun to recreate with our 1:12 mini red bricks. Turned out pretty cool! Shop link in profile @minimaterials⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #scratchbuild #scratchbuilt #tinythings #dailymini #miniatureart #miniatureartist #diorama #dioramas #miniatures #oneinchscale #dollhouseminiatures #makers #minibuild #urbanism #urbanstreet #streetart_daily #streetartnyc #urbanartist #art #redditartistnetwork #redditartist #reddit #theimpactofabook #itsasmallworldafterall #artinstallation #artinspiration #jorgemendezblake #jorgeméndezblake #mixedmediaart #minimaterials

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4. This beautiful table was built by myminiatureabodes using our miniature lumber. The rustic farmhouse look is SPOT on. 


3. The Mini Materials team built this awesome deck that makes you want to cozy up with a mini lawn chair and throw back some miniature beers. 


2. If you've followed our #mmtinyhouse you'd have seen this amazing 1:12 scale cinder block house being built by the Mini Materials team! 

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Can’t wait for the #mmtinyhouse to be done!

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1. One of the most intense miniature builds we've ever seen involved R. Bruce Miller and his hyper-realistic 1:12 scale dollhouse. He used about 1,500 of our 1:12 scale red bricks and mortar to create the chimney! 


Don't forget to tag your mini materials builds with #minimaterials and we would love to repost them!

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