Marble Tile Miniature Flooring Sheet - Mini Materials

Marble Tile Miniature Flooring Sheet


The Pantheon. Statue of David. The Taj Mahal. Marble has been the choice the for those looking for an elegant natural material. While this print isn't real marble it has the unique veins and light colors of the real thing. A perfect choice for a entry way, bathroom or kitchen.

Now this is flooring! Being made out of a thin plastic, this flooring is the most realistic miniature flooring out there. It is easy to cut to size with scissors and can be glued down onto a variety of surfaces. It looks way better and lasts so much longer than printed gloss paper. At 16" x 16" is big enough for most rooms!

Not seeing the print you want? Let us know the style you're looking for.

  • One 16'x16" plastic flooring sheet
  • Recommended for ages 8+.
  • This product works for multiple scales
  • Length = 16"
  • Width = 16"
  • Thickness = .06"