Terrazzo Miniature Flooring Sheet - Mini Materials

Terrazzo Miniature Flooring Sheet


Now this a chip off the old block. This pattern has blue, yellow and light gray flakes. It will give your project a high end touch! Terrazzo is wow-zo! 

Now this is flooring! Being made out of a thin plastic, this flooring is the most realistic miniature flooring out there. It is easy to cut to size with scissors and can be glued down onto a variety of surfaces. It looks way better and lasts so much longer than printed gloss paper. At 16" x 16" is big enough for most rooms!

Not seeing the print you want? Let us know the style you're looking for.

  • One 16'x16" plastic flooring sheet
  • Recommended for ages 8+.
  • This product works for multiple scales
  • Length = 16"
  • Width = 16"
  • Thickness = .06"