25 (Mini) DIYs of Christmas: Mini Wooden Sled Ornament

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Ornaments are all miniature, so it's only fitting that you can make your own with our mini awesomeness!

Here are the supplies you will need, from Mini Materials, to make your very own wooden sled ornament:

  • 1 dozen - Mini Materials' 2x6s (makes up to 4 individual sleds)
  • 1 - Mini Materials' Craft Razor Blades (set of 2)

Other items you will need:

  • some type of wood glue; or Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue works, as well
  • sand paper (to sand down the edges of the cut lumber... don't want to get any splinters!)
  • yarn to hang your ornament on the tree
  • red paint

So here are the steps:


Step 1:

Cut three 2x6 down to 3" in length. These 3" slats will be your center of the sled. Two of the three remaining pieces will be your rails to the sled.


Step 2:

Take the third 5" piece and cut it in down to 1 1/2" in length, this will be your cross beam. Trim the corners of 2 of the 3" center pieces to make a rounded edge.


Step 3:

Paint the center beams red to give it some color.


Step 4:


Glue the center planks together. Then glue the rails to the sides of the center. Finally, you will want to glue the cross beam onto the rails.


Step 5:

Glue yarn to the top to form a loop and it's ready to hang on your tree!!!

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