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I come across a lot of blogs, and there are so many good ones. However, many are updated infrequently or have been retired. I’ve rounded up 10 active blogs that are posting amazing content for all things mini.

Kitty and Kat Miniatures

Modern. Clean. 

I had to include this one after seeing The Mid Century Build. Lots of tutorials and modern builds.


My Miniature Madness

Storybook, Fun, Colorful

So many cute posts and tips. This is a great blog to follow. I personally love the Three Little Pigs: Revenge. This blog is like a childrens book story come to mini life!


Jenn's Mini Worlds

Multiple scales, well-documented and diverse styles

Jenn does a variety of styles and scales with lots of links to resources. I love the Mountain Retreat build particularly. 


Cinderella Moments

Whimsy, Farmhouse Chic, Charm

I love all the tutorials (Tray Table is a great easy-ish build). For some reason the entire blog reminds me of a wedding. A lot of cool images and ideas on this active and polished blog!


My Miniature World

Themes, Holidays

Even some of her mini’s have a blog! With lots of different themes you can see some excellent rooms, and if you’re in Malta you can visit in real life.


Everything Very Small

Hodgepodge (in a good way!), Interviews

I enjoy this blog because it dives into more than just builds. It has a lot of different types of mini content from classes to landscapes to new sources for builds. My favorite thing is 12 top Ideas for Handcrafted Dollhouse Miniatures with Kids.


Atelier De Lea

French, Elegant, Dreamy  

This France based miniaturist creates luxurious design fit for an aristocrat. 


Shenandoah & Stuff

Practical and Relatable

This blog details a lot of the build process, and her posting reflects the real pace of builds. The blogger does a lot of contests and generally her blog has a fun vibe!


My Vintage Dollhouse 

Nostalgic. Vintage. Historical.

I love looking back at the vintage creations, and this blog has captured so much history. Lot’s of tips and inspiration if your next project is looking back in time.


Paper Doll Miniatures

Modern. Upscale. Contemporary.

With lots of collaborations this blog is fun with big bold mini projects.


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