The Perfect Pour

Posted by Jared Waters on

I was recently asked by someone who purchased a 1:12 mold and some cement mix if I had any tips for getting good results. Here are 5 quick tips:

1. Add Water First

If you add cement first you’ll end up with unmixed cement along the corners of your mixing containers. 

2. Mix well

Use a drill attachment for big batches or simply stir well. Over stirring can create bubbles so when it looks like a milkshake you can stop.

3. Vibrators are your friends

Tapping the mold is good, but using a sander or other vibrating tool to agitate the mold will remove bubbles. Try vibrating the table rather than the mold itself.

4. Finish the surface while it is wet

The surface you see wet will be the surface you see dry. Smooth any imperfections and ripples while the cement is wet. They won't disappear.

5. Give it time

Let a mold cure overnight. Then gently remove the brick from the mold and let it cure for another day for best results.

Bonus Tip! No one is perfect. If you mess up a brick you can often file away overpour with a metal file. Always use a mask and gloves when pouring and working with cement.

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