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miniature art

We have a special place in our heart for miniature enthusiasts putting their own unique flair to our miniature cinderblocks with their own Mini Art creations.

It’s been amazing to see all the masterpieces that you all have created by tagging us or using #minimaterials. It’s hard to pick, so we are just listing a few of our favorites below - but there are so many more!



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Graffiti on miniature cinderblocks by @dumb_251. Love the use of colors & the artist’s style.



Miniature cinderblock work by @pablodona. Two worlds are clashing with Pablo’s use of regular AND miniature size cinderblocks. We love all the details in this piece and the message behind his artwork.



Abstract art displayed at Mad Museum by @hariri.amir. This is only one of many miniature abstract art made by Amir. Check out his instagram for more amazing abstract #miniart.



Stop motion video by @francothebunny. As if miniature cinderblocks are not cute enough, it’s even cuter displayed in stop motion style and with woodland creatures in the background.



Bet you thought this was a real room. This is one of the most realist scene we’ve seen, created by Jessica Berkowitz. We are amazed by all the details and how real everything looks.



Thank you all for bringing our miniature cinderblocks to life! We love seeing what you do with our products. Please keep tagging us and share your work with us!



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