Mini Materials Blueprints Contest - Win an Ultimate Miniatures Kit!

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Win over $100 of Mini Materials just by drawing blueprints of your miniature ideas!

mini blueprints contest

I need it! How do I Enter?!

All you need to do is post a drawing or blueprint of what you would build using any of the following:

  • Mini Cinder Blocks
  • Mini Red Bricks
  • Mini 2x4s
  • Mortar

You can draw it on paper, a computer, or even on a bar napkin! Anything goes as long as you draw something made with at least one of the above items. 

      Cool - Where do I send the drawing?

      All you have to do is post your drawing to either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #miniblueprints to automatically be entered:

      social media




      You can also post it to our private Facebook Group: The Miniature Builders Association:

      mini builders group

      If you aren't on social media, you may email us at with your drawing and you'll automatically be entered!

       email us


      Can I enter as many mini blueprints as I'd like?

      Yep! Each one counts as an entry as long as they're different! Enter as many times as you'd like.

      What will I win?

      Winner will receive our Ultimate Sample Kit:

      • 1 Pallet of Mini Cinder Blocks 
      • 1 Mini Barrel
      • 1 2oz Mortar
      • 1 50pk Red Bricks
      • 1 1:24 Scale Jersey Barrier
      • 1 50pk 1:24 Scale Cinder Blocks
      • 1 1:6 Cinder Block
      • 1 Mahogany or 1 Pine Pallet Coaster
      • 1 Set of 12 Mini Lumber
      • 1 4pk Mini Breezeblocks
      • 1 4pk 1:6 Scale Red Bricks


      When is the latest I can enter?

      Entries can be received until May 6th at noon, then the winner will be announced that night!


      Time to get drawing!

      blueprints contest diy

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