How to Make a Mini Rustic Farmhouse Table

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Step by step:  A Mini Farmhouse Table

mini farmhouse table

Need to spruce up your 1:12 scale dollhouse? How about modernizing your fairy garden? If so, you HAVE to build this beautiful rustic piece! Here's a step by step guide on making a mini farmhouse table that looks just like the real thing! 

You'll need:


Step 1: Grab the lumber


Step 2: Check the plans for the cuts


 3. Start Cutting!


4. Here's the pieces all laid out:


5. I used jacobean stain for the pieces


6. Wipe the stain on each piece before gluing.


7. Here's what they look like all stained!


8. Grab some wood glue 


9. First make the legs by gluing the two 1.66" 2x4s together.



10. Then glue the angled 4x4s to the top and bottom of those 2x4s.


11. Then add the diagonal .90" 45 degree cut 2x4s to the bracket.


12. Legs done!


13. Grab the 2x8s to make the tabletop.


14. Glue up the boards for the tabletop. 


15. Line the boards up and clean up excess glue!


16. Use something heavy to keep the tabletop nice and flat.


17. Glue one of the 4.8" 2x4s to the center of the table. It will connect to the legs that you glue on.


18. Wipe excess glue. 


19. Glue the bracket that goes on the bottom of the table.


20. Glue on the 2.33" 45 degree angle cut 2x4s.



21. Finally, glue the squares on as the feet of the table...


22. Aaaaaand you're done!


You can also watch our video how-to as well: 

As always, share your builds on social media with #minimaterials!


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