How to Use REAL MINI BRICKS to Create a Unique Comic

Posted by Jared Waters on

Step 1: Use Mini Materials blocks, rubble, and accessories to create miniature backdrops.

In our case we used some cement blocks, mini props, and a blue piece of fabric for the pool. Since you’ll be applying an effect over the entire image, the details don’t need to be perfect.


Step 2: Add in some action figures.

Let your inner child get creative posing the figures and adding drama.

Step 3: Create a series of scenes that tell your comic book story.

Snap some pictures. Your phone will work great for this step!

Step 4: Use a comic book filter to transform your images.

We used Prisma, but there are many free apps that can add the same effect.

Step 5: Add some dialogue and clean up the images if needed.

For the dialogue the punnier the better!


Step 6: Share with your friends and us on Instagram.

We love seeing what creative things you can do with Mini Materials, and your friends will too!

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