Popularity Scale - What Size is On Top + 4 Helpful Links for Understanding Scale

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1:33 scale? 1:14? 1:200? We're often asked: "Why don’t you do ____ scale?" We’ve even heard some claims that a few pretty esoteric scales were "The Standard." Unfamiliar with scales? Check out this quick guide

Given the controversy we thought it would be interesting to ask Google what people are looking for:

Wow! We know we were surprised to see so many searches for 1:24 scale.

Let’s look at some other terms. 1:12 scale is often called the "inch" scale, 1:24 is also known as "half-inch" scale, and 1:6 is also known as the "barbie" or "action figure" scale. Looking at those terms it looks like both the inch and half-inch are about equal in popularity.

While there are benefits and considerations to every scale, we’re happy to let everyone build their own unique world in whatever proportions they choose. Need more info? Here are some helpful links!


Dollhouse Scale: What Is It and Why Does It Matter 

Scale Conversion Calculator

An Introduction to Scale for Dollhouse Miniatures



What do you model in? Is there a scale you’d like to see more of from us? Then let us know! Also, to make things easier, you can search our site by scale!

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