Infographic: List of Scale Model Sizes for Miniature Cinder Blocks

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This infographic shows a list of scale model sizes that Mini Materials uses (so far.)

Our 1:24, 1:12, and 1:6 scale miniature cinder blocks follow these three very popular scales. Below is an infographic of what the scales are commonly used for.

Infographic of modeling scales


1:24 Scale: Cars, figures. Monogram made cars in this scale; Some American dollhouse brands. Die cast vehicles by Danbury and Franklin Mint. American trains by Delton Mfg. and Aristocraft Classics.


1:12 Scale: Classic Scale. 1 Foot = 1 inch. Action figures, Model cars (static and R/C driven), Live steam trains (non-ridable), dollhouses for adult collectors, motorcycles, model horses.


1:6 Scale: Articulated figures, such as G.I. Joe, and Dragon, children's fashion dolls like Barbie, Dollfie, static display figures (commonly of anime characters), motorcycles, rail cannons, armored vehicles, military dioramas.


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