Making a Mini Rustic Farmhouse Table

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This is how to build a rustic farmhouse style table that's only a few inches tall! Miniature woodworking is actually a super relaxing activity.

First: The Finished Product - All stained and looking pretty:

Mini rustic farmhouse table

First I got 17 2x4s


Miniature 2x4s for farmhouse table

Lined them all up

Placed and glued cut 2x4 bracket across the bottom

Place brackets perpendicular to those and glue up

Bottom of 2x4 mini farmhouse table

Weight them down to dry

Weight them down with miniature cinder blocks to dry

Glue 2x4s together to make square legs

Glue 2x4s for legs

Cut legs in half and glue up into corners

cut legs and glue in corners

Get them all glued in and dried

Get them glued up and dried

Ta da! All done!

All done with mini farmhouse table!

Now just stain it a red mahogany

Now stain it the color you want

You can get the kit here:


A table so nice you can eat off of!

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