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To glue or not to glue. It isn’t really a question. For a miniaturist glue is the go-to solution for keeping it together. However, there are so many types of glue that we decided to do a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each and its potential applications.

White Glue/Wood Glue/Tacky Glue

Set time: 30 minutes - 2 hours

Full Cure: 24 hours

This is usually a polyvinyl glue. Works best with wood, paper and cardboard. Widely available 


  • Bonds well to wood and wood products
  • Easily accessible
  • No or limited fumes
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t bond well with non-wood surfaces
  • Drying time
  • Doesn’t dry clear 

Super Glue

Set time: 10 minutes

Full cure: 24 hours

With a fast set time, this is the workhorse for many miniaturists. It usually dries clear, making it easier to hide any overage. Pro Tip: freezing the part can make it more brittle and allow for easier removal in case of a misglue.


  • Ease of use
  • Bonds with lot of materials
  • Can use with an accelerator to make very quick bond times
  • Easy to get
  • Drys quick


  • Dries quick
  • Short work time
  • Doesn’t fill gaps well
  • Brittle
  • Sticky on hands


Set time: 12 hours to one day

Full cure: one to multiple days

Epoxy is often intimidating and harder to use on the fly, but it is unmatched in strength, making it the best choice for metals.


  • Works well with metal
  • Non-shrinking
  • Very durable
  • Waterproof
  • Fill voids


  • Long cure time
  • Fumes
  • More complicated with mixing
  • Must mix in small batches

Plastic Cement

Set time: 10-15 minutes

Cure time: 24 hours

The “go to” glue for Warhammer and other miniatures.


  • Fuses plastics together
  • Not sticky


  • Difficult to separate
  • Best for plastic
  • Doesn’t bond to all surfaces
  • Fumes

Hot Glue

Set time: less than a minute

Cure time: 15 minutes

The love/hate tool of every DIYer. So easy to use and so easy to misuse.


  • Low fumes
  • Works with lots of materials
  • Fill gaps


  • Hot!
  • Have to work quickly
  • Some materials melt
  • Stringing
  • Flow control

Spray Adhesive

Set time: a few minutes

Full cure: overnight

A great example of a glue that works amazing for certain circumstances (spraying fabric before applying to a surface) and horrible for others (connecting to small pieces without getting glue everywhere).


  • Great for tacking
  • Even area over large surface area
  • Fabrics


  • Low adhesion
  • Spray control

General Glue Tips

  • Clean your surface
  • Rough up the surface 
  • Remove excess glue before it dries
  • Glue before you paint
  • Less is more
  • If in doubt, test a small area first
  • Lots of variations between brands

Bottom line: every model maker needs a variety of glues for all the different situations they may encounter, but being familiar with the pros and cons will make sure you make the best choice. 

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