White Wash Modern Fireplace Tutorial

Posted by Jared Waters on

I’ve always wanted to try whitewashing our 1:12 scale red bricks. Here is a test of making a modern fireplace. 

I used:

First, after painting the custom wood box black, I glued it and the concrete slab to the backer board. I didn’t really plan or measure, so if I had to do this again I would have planned out the brickwork better, but my main goal was to try out white washing the brick.

Then I mortared the bricks to the backer board, then filled in everything with a top coat of mortar to give a smoother finish while still showing the bricks.


Stain was applied to the mantle and side molding.

I then whitewashed the bricks. It's such an awesome look, and can’t wait to do it on a real project.


I added the molding and a modern picture to bring it all together. I loved this test and can’t wait to do it on a actual interior. What do you think?


Check out the one minute build video below!


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