Mini Materials' 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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Mini Materials' 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Mini Materials 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: 20+ Unique Gift Ideas for Men, Women, Children and Fingerboarders

2016 mini materials gift guide


Desk accessories that are unique are becoming harder and harder to find.  Most executives will have a mini baseball bat or Newton’s cradle, but those are old news and desk statements were becoming a thing of the past... Until now! Mini Materials has some options that will cure severe cases of office boredom or give you a nice icebreaker in a time of need.  Here are a few ideas for those men in your life:
    24 Pack of Cinder Blocks on a Pallet – for that guy who still dreams of trading in the shirt and tie for a hard hat and some steel toe boots.
    Fire Pit Kit – the candles even smell like a campfire for that manly aroma in a one of a kind set-up.
    Cell Phone Charging Station – we all need a place to prop our phone up when it needs some juice, this little fort cannot be topped.
    Pallet Coasters – These are made with miniature nails, nicer than any pallet you’ve ever seen.  Sold in natural pine as well as an upgraded mahogany for that whiskey drinker with grizzly hair on his chest.

      The toy train community is one of the most authentic and long lasting hobby groups in the world.  Using the standard 1:12 scale, Mini Materials has miniature tool sets, cinder blocks, jersey barriers, parking curbs, pallets, and even mortar to build your own dioramas around the old tracks. 



      Women are always so difficult to buy for, they aren’t picky, it’s just you want to get them the greatest gift to show how much they mean to you in your life so it has to be special.  Well, Mini Materials has your back for all those DIY-loving women you want to impress with a gift. 
      Fairy Garden builders won’t be disappointed with the selection.
        Cinder Blocks to build mini succulent gardens – They don’t get much more realistic than these in mini form.
        Pallets – Mini or mini-mini forms offer an endless supply of potential.
        Garden Accessories – Mini hand tools that actually function as their larger-sized counterparts would, mini tools in their own tool box, hay bales, wooden barrels and even a red wagon.
        Lumber – All sorts and sizes (2x2s, 2x4s, 2x6s, 2x8s, and 4x4s) to build whatever mini furniture your mind can dream up.
          For the real hands-on crafter, we sell molds to make your own cinder blocks.



          For your young-minds with interest in engineering, architecture, or construction there really isn’t a shop with more realistic options than Mini Materials.  Get your youngin’ some materials and let them blow your mind with their creativity.
            50 Pack of Cinder Blocks (1:12) – These are great to get the real-life feel of a cinder block without the sports hernia.
            1:6 Cinder Blocks – For the younger generation, building blocks have been a mainstay in their development for ages.  These fit that mold to a T.
            Dollhouse Materials – Realistic options for block homes in 1:12 scale, or even lumber for a stick house, red bricks for the aesthetic appeal, a few accent pieces to make it authentic like a buffalo skull or a little red wagon.  The doll-lover in your life will love coming up with all sorts of floor plans and designs.


              Fingerboarders are always struggling to find genuine obstacles to grind and ollie over. Well, Mini Materials has them covered.  Check out the best ideas specifically designed with the talented fingerboarder in mind.
                Ledge Kit – This combo set will give any avid boarder the feels when he/she slides over this slick kit.
                Jersey Barriers – Not much gets more authentic than our Jersey Barriers.  Grind it up!
                Parking Curb – Pop a few ollies over these curbs and you will see they are as legit as you can find.
                Traffic Cones & Barrels Accessories to add to a tricked out rider’s course.



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