Two television antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn’t great but the reception was fantastic.

In honor of Fathers Day (June 19th!) we’ve made six collections in honor of six famous TV dads.

Cool and sophisticated. Functional and handsome. Are we talking about mid-century modern decor, Don Draper, or your father’s aesthetic? Our collection begins with a five-pack of pallet coasters in mahogany. To keep it classy, proceed with a 1:12 scale modern sideboard to make your drink and a walnut coffee table to set it down on. We’d couple this with a mini pallet of breeze blocks, either Empress or Vista Vue. We suggest you decide over a Manhattan on ice.

Does everybody know what time it is? For a dad like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor you have to go classic: a 9-piece toolbox, sawhorses, and wheelbarrow in his favorite color (it’s blue). While Mini Materials has a full line of ready-made cinder blocks, we’d wager Tim prefers the tried-and-true method of making them himself with our 1:12 mold. Finally, we’d top it off with a few dozen 2x4’s and 2x6’s for good measure. AR AR AR!

Jed Clampett is juxtaposition incarnate: poor to wealthy and living a beer life on a champagne budget. Every newly-rich father needs a bit of bling, so we’d start with some galvanized metal panels and shiny new trash can. Of course, that trash can will need to be emptied, so you might as well get him some nice 1:12 scale Mini Fire Pit Stones. A dad like Jed works hard to keep his family fed and he deserves a nice bed. While he’s fine sleeping outside, you probably want to keep up appearances for the neighbors - and the box and block kit is just the thing! Is it more poolhouse or outhouse? Either way, some faux brick paneling will class it up!

Who is the one dad who doesn’t tell their kid to play outside? Rick Grimes! Whether your dad has a bug out bag or just the complete Walking Dead series on DVD, this collection is for him. As all dads know, the best offense is a good defense, so we’d start with a 1:12 scale Mini Concrete Wall for the road. For the house: some mini plywood for the windows and a nice modern dresser to push in front of the doors to offer some good zombie defense. A few dead end and wrong way signs with posts will add some color to a post-apocalyptic scene, but if you really want to kill it we suggest a couple of tombstones.

Will “How I Became an Architect” be the next TV series for Ted Mosby? For any architect or even architecture-enthusiast dads, Mini Materials has you covered. Our Frank Lloyd Wright collection features the Ennis, Freeman, Millard and Storer designs. Dad can use them along with the Ultimate Warehouse Kit to build something epic. Challenge accepted?

All fathers are protective of their family, some more than others. Some a lot more than others! Our Tony Soprano inspired collection includes a 50 pack of 1:12 bricks perfect for making a pizza oven. The location requires that we include a jersey barrier, but the road work sign we included looks a little bit like someone is being buried. Be sure to tell dad to be careful with the mortaring trowel - we don’t want anyone getting hurt! We also included some cement mix and some mini 5 gallon buckets, but we are not sure what they would be used for. Probably nothing…

There are lots of dads out there. If we didn’t make a collection that is a good fit we suggest our best selling pallet of cinder blocks or a custom sign.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.